The SAGE Furniture Restoration Workshop was recently featured in Taproot Magazine. The eight page article, written by Suzanne Travers of Summit and photographed by Matt Smith, highlights the high level of work the volunteers of the Workshop do daily including hand-caning and repairs. According to the article, there are only about 1,500 hand caners left in the United States. The Workshop, located on the lower level of SAGE, is known locally for their high quality caning. Staffed by 15 male and 5 female volunteers, the article describes how these artisans found SAGE after retiring from careers as doctors, lawyers, bankers etc. Some had never done furniture repairs. For others, it is something they tinkered with years ago and are thrilled to do again. Proceeds from the Workshop go to support SAGE programs. To order the magazine visit here: https://taprootmag.com/collections/magazines/products/issue-29-age

The Workshop is open Monday – Friday 8:30 – 11:30 am. Call 908-598-5531 for more information.

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  • Richard A Watson

    When things get back to normal (Pray!), I have several dining room chairs that need re-caning, if you are still in the business.

    Please let me know when,

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