Thank you to all of our donors who have helped SAGE deliver on its mission of helping older adults remain living in their own homes.

Champion Donors ($10,000 and above)

David G. Bunting

Hugh A. D’Andrade

Claire E. Toth

Star Donors ($5,000 – $9,999)

Steve Carty

James Mullery, Jr.

Catalyst Donors ($2,500 – $4,999)


Advocate Donors ($1,500 – $2,499)


Enthusiast Donors ($1,000 – $1,499)

Terry Benton

Robert J. Cole

Frank J. Pozio, Jr.

Alice R. Thompson Fund

James R. Weill

Friends ($999 and below)

Christopher J. Birosak

Albert Reising

Anne Mell

Barbara Stolting

Benjamin Robideaux

Bennett Robbins

Brian G. La Fontaine

Bruce F. Wesson

Charles Clegg

Christine O’Neill

Cindy Potters

Cynthia Grupe

Cynthia Hammond

Dan Bottorff

Daniel Bascara

Edward L. Mell

Edward Summers

Eleni Catanzaro

Elizabeth G. Blair

Emilie Boggis

Eric R. Hubbard

Ingrid Flannery

Jacob Jackson

James J. Rath

John H. Leatherbee, Jr.

John J. Duffy, III

John Penn

Joseph W. Berkery, Jr.

Katie DeVito

Keillan Lecky Whelan

Kenneth G. Peskin

Lawrence Glacken

Lloyd Greenwald

Malcolm Irving

Margaret Lesniak

Marion Mc Gough

Matthew Sills

Michelle Tomasso

Paul A. Babineau

Paul B. Zukoff

Paul Polansky

Peter Crichton

Peter M. Suzuki

Rian Subbiah

Richard Plesnarski

Richard T. Richardson

Robert M. Entwistle

Roger G. Smith

Ross Z. Silver

Roy B. Ripley

Sean Maher

Susan Luehs

Ted Wheeler

Terry Virgona

Thomas F. Dillon

Thomas R. Flack

Tony Gutierrez

Vince Volpicelli