We Were Very Happy With SAGE HomeCare

“We were very happy with the SAGE HomeCare aide that helped my wife from May 2018 until February 2019. She was friendly, kind and always on time. And she always knew exactly what to do. We were so happy with the care my wife received. I have already recommended SAGE to a few people.”

– Louis Zappo, Scotch Plains

SAGE’s Long Standing Mission so Important to our Community

“We had to scramble to get care for my 92 year old mother. The other agencies we looked at were more expensive and the process was so arduous. The two aides from SAGE that are helping my mother are just fantastic. Their disposition and demeanor are exceptional. We could not be happier with the care and attention they are giving to our mother. We are so fortunate to have this long standing, renowned organization  in our community.”

7.24.19 – Steve Carty, Short Hills.

Spend-A-Day Telehealth

“The (Spend-A-Day) Telehealth interaction provides socialization for my mom beyond the four walls of our home – socialization that she craves during quarantine.  She is so excited to interact with someone in addition to our family.  I really appreciate you all so much.”

– K.A. 2020

During the Pandemic You Kept Us Afloat

“During this pandemic your service (Spend-A-Day) and support are vital for our families to stay afloat. Thank you!!”

– Leonor Fonseca – 2021

Spend-A-Day Staff Go Above & Beyond

“We are grateful for the Spend-A-Day program. The staff go above and beyond our needs. I wish we had started the program much earlier. Thanks to everyone at SAGE.”

– E.S. 2020

Spend-A-Day Weekly Activities

“Peter misses Spend-A-Day and asks me what I hear about the program. I read him the weekly activities emails. We look forward to the day we can get together again. We both are very happy with the program.”

– Debbie Toth 2020

Spend-A-Day Care Packages

“The recent care package (Spend-A-Day) sent is great and the things inside are helpful to Esther and keeping her busy.”

– J.W. 2021

Spend-A-Day Helped Us Survive 2020

“You (Spend-A-Day) have helped the three of us survive, laugh, and stay sane this year MORE than words can ever say!

– Kathy C. 2020

SPAD Robotic Cat Priceless

“The joy and laughter brought by the robotic cat is priceless. Thank you (Spend-A-Day) for thinking of my mom. Joyful moments are priceless during this pandemic. Thank you!”

– Leonor Fonseca 2020

SPAD Treats Mom Like A Queen

“Our Mom loves going to Spend-A-Day. The staff treat her like a queen. She comes home happy and chatty. We feel so relieved that she has a safe and happy place to go.”

– L.R. 2020

SPAD Everyone is Family

“I could not have asked for a better place for my father to go (Spend-A-Day). I feel like everyone is family. Thank you for everything you do.”

– D.H. 2020

Your Decisions Matter Program Was Great

“I thought the (Your Decisions Matter) program was great, and the participants seemed so happy to have a forum in which to share their struggles as well as their triumphs.”

– 2021

Your Decisions Matter Extremely Informative

“I attended this (Your Decisions Matter) meeting today regarding my mom as I’m her responsible person. Extremely informative.”

– 2021

Your Decisions Matter Includes Diversity

“Love that your wonderful (Your Decisions Matter) program is embracing diversity!”


Meals-on-Wheels A Million Thanks

“A million thanks for all you did for my birthday. It is what keeps me going at 90. Mere words cannot express what I feel for all you do for me. My love and sincere thanks for everything (Meals on Wheels).”

–  Mario L. 2021

Meals-on-Wheels Provides Bright Spot to Day

“This (Meals on Wheels) donation is in memory of our sister, Janet N. She truly enjoyed when you came to deliver her meals and took the time to socialize. With these unprecedented times we hope this will help others. Thank you for giving Janet a bright spot in her day.” – 2021

Commending our Home Health Aides

“We grew to love Ann’s dear caregivers as friends. Kenny and Ogi are to be commended for the loving way that they cared for Ann. We will miss them.”

– J.S. and friends from Lantern Hill, 2021

Thank you Spend-A-Day

“Thanks to each of you for continuing these fun events and taking such good care of my mother always and in all ways!
She comes home laughing and smiling every day!”

– Kathy & Joe, 2021