At SAGE there are so many individuals working hard to make it a great place. With that said, we would like to shed a spotlight on Kaitlyn (Katie) Kovar, a licensed social worker (LSW) at SAGE Eldercare. Katie is a true Hilltopper being that she is born and raised in Summit. Although Katie’s role at SAGE is being a social worker, she also engages in community outreach. Her goal is to make people feel more comfortable speaking about aging and supporting individuals and families through that process. 

One of Katie’s key roles is to help families navigate the vast array of community and healthcare resources available to them. She understands that finding the right services and programs can be overwhelming, so she guides individuals through the process, ensuring they receive the appropriate care and support to the best of her ability. Katie firmly believes that no question is too small when supporting people in accessing the care they require. Besides providing resources, Katie helps families access educational programs, navigate senior living options, legal issues, and more that can be found at the SAGE Eldercare website.  

When Katie is not at SAGE, she can often be found at the gym, dedicated to improving herself and striving to become a better version of herself. Being raised in Summit Katie enjoys going through Summits downtown, dining at local restaurants, and splurging on toys and treats for her newly adopted dog Hank.  

Katie is eager to assist individuals who need her help and highly encourages people to give her a call and take advantage of this free resource and allow her to help bridge the gap for you.