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What Our Clients Say
about Spend-A-Day

Here are what just a few of our clients and their families have to say about our Spend-A-Day program

“The experience has been wonderful for my mother. Her spirits and mood have been tremendously elevated and she looks forward to getting up and waiting for the bus.”

“I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time and believe the environment has improved her memory as well.”

 I am the primary caregiver for my 92-year-old Mom.
 These are some reasons why she likes it.

  1. She is happy that she can live at home with us and that I can take care of her.
  2. She looks forward to picking out what clothes she will wear for that day.
  3. She doesn’t mind getting up early to be ready for the On-Time bus.
  4. She says she is always greeted with kindness and care from the staff when she arrives.
  5. She enjoys spending time with the friends she has made.
  6. She enjoys the activities and musical bingo is her favorite.
  7. She loves to dance during the special celebration parties.
  8. She likes kidding around with the Sage staff.
  9. She likes the food and always asks for second helpings on the desserts.
  10. She enjoys encouraging others.
  11. I like Spend-A-Day because:
  12. I am able to care for my mom who is 92 yrs young in our own home and not have her go to a nursing home facility.
  13. It is convenient having the On-Time bus pick her up in the morning and bring her back in the evening.
  14. I am able to care for my other family members
  15. I feel secure knowing that there is a nurse on staff in case my mom needs medical attention.
  16. Having a set routine and getting my mom up early gives her a sense of purpose.
  17. The physical activity is healthy and good for her.
  18. The interaction with others is stimulating and she doesn’t get bored.
  19. It gives me a break and helps me relax.
  20. The staff and workers are highly qualified and go out of their way to offer assistance and help at all times!
  21. The facility is clean and safe.

My sister-in-law who is disabled attends SAGE. The staff is incredible! The care that they provide is amazing. I joke with my    wife that I want to get on the waiting list now to be sure that I will be able to go there when I am eligible. Yes I am a member of the public, but I am also a donor and I am proud to support such a wonderful organization.


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