Immediate release

December 17, 2021 – SAGE Eldercare, a Summit-based healthcare agency focused on social and medical assistance to the elderly has closed operations of its Resale Shop at its Chatham Rd location in Summit.  The Resale shop has operated since 1959 in various locations and has served to help fund SAGE’s core services.  With a dedicated sales team led by Rose Rittweger, SAGE Resale has been an important part of the community for many years. Changing market conditions and the increase in social media-based marketplaces have impacted the viability of the Resale Shop. “We are grateful for everyone who for so many years have supported SAGE through the Resale Shop” stated Adam Psichos, president of the SAGE board of trustees. He invited  those who wish to continue supporting SAGE’s mission through donations of direct financial support for the elderly to visit  SAGE’s website: https://sageeldercare.networkforgood.com/projects/32504-sage-eldercare-s-annual-fund

Please visit SAGE’s website in January 2022 for information concerning an upcoming liquidation sale.

During the pandemic, demand for SAGE’s core services, including the Meals on Wheels Program, Home Care and Adult Medical Day Care Programs have required increased financial support and attention.  “The situation has increased the demand for all our services,” said Galina Muller, Director of Finance and Administration at SAGE, “and we continue to focus on creative ways to meet the demand for the community and those most in need.”  

SAGE continues to operate its Furniture Repair shop at its headquarters.  The Furniture Restoration Workshop offers fine quality furniture restoration at exceptional prices. The Workshop has a reputation throughout Union County and beyond for it’s fine reweaving of caned and rushed chairs.  

“SAGE also offers numerous other social programs for the elderly in the community including eldercare counseling and guidance, grocery shopping, Medicare advice and assistance, as well as many more,” said Ms. Muller, “and we plan to expand our reach and impact in the months and years ahead.”