SAGE Eldercare announced Dr. Thomas Buckley will take over as Executive Director of the nonprofit this month. Buckley replaces Angela Sullivan, who departed SAGE in August.

 Since 2019, Dr. Buckley has served as the Director of Population Health at the Young Adult Institute (YAI) in New York City.  Founded in 1952, YAI is at the forefront of a movement whose goal is to empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including dementia, and their families throughout New Jersey, New York and California. The program with a budget of 210 million, serves more than 20,000 individuals. In his role at YAI, Dr. Buckley led the way to providing complex health care coordination between the organization’s five health clinics.

 Prior to YAI, the majority of Dr. Buckley’s 30-year career has been spent in Florida where he was appointed by Florida’s governor as the Chair of the state’s Alzheimer’s Advisory Committee. Additionally, he is the recipient of the Federal Government Administration for Community Living federal grant awards.  Dr. Buckley has volunteered on numerous boards over the course of his career, including the Board of Directors of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities and he served as the Dementia Committee Co-Chair for the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities. 

 I am quite confident that as we collectively emerge and heal from last year, and guided by Dr. Buckley, SAGE will not only carry out its mission but will adapt and forge new paths,” said Adam Psichos, the new President of SAGE’s Board of Trustees.