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  1. 1-agnes-badgley-sage-award-to-bob-smallAgnes N. Badgley Award:  On Thursday, October 27, SAGE Eldercare presented Bob McAnally of Murray Hill, pictured center, with the Agnes N. Badgley Award.  Marianne Kranz, SAGE Director of Meals on Wheels and Volunteers (pictured right), noted, “Between his talents, his kindness, and his unassuming gentle ways, Bob has a heart of gold. I call him, ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World.’ Bob first came to SAGE about 15 years ago…he continues to be instrumental in our Furniture Restoration Workshop.” The Furniture Restoration Workshop Manager Al Kessler, pictured left, described him as, “generous, courteous, always pleasant.” Fellow Workshop volunteer Simon Rosenstein said, “He is the Bob of all trades, and master of all. Bob is the center of our workshop world.” The Agnes N. Badgley award was created in 1989 and is considered SAGE’s Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize the invaluable contributions of a SAGE volunteer.
  2. 2-bob-abelson-sage-award-to-denise-smallBob Abelson Carry the Torch Award:  On Thursday, October 27, SAGE Eldercare presented Denise Miles of Summit, pictured right, with the Bob Abelson Carry the Torch Award.  Marianne Kranz (pictured left), SAGE Director of Meals on Wheels and Volunteers, noted, “Denise spent her almost 40-year career at Overlook Medical Center, all the while being very active in her church, Wallace Chapel. It was after she retired in 1997 that she really got busy, volunteering at Overlook, Wallace Chapel, and SAGE. When she delivers Meals on Wheels, she gives more than a meal. She brings them food, serves them love, and writes them caring notes. She is one of the most visible senior citizens in Summit, yet the most humble. Denise exemplifies the meaning of altruism. She is vibrant and caring, and the community is a better place because of her.” Summit Mayor Nora Radest made a surprise appearance to say, “I just wanted to come and thank you. I’m so proud to know you and what you do is so important to this community.” The award was created in 2014 to recognize an exceptional SAGE volunteer who also continually demonstrates their commitment to the community-at-large. Bob Abelson was an unassuming man with a gentle sense of humor and a dedication to serving the greater community, including SAGE and Overlook.

  3. 3-community-partner-sage-award-to-shoprite-smallCommunity Partner Award:  Pictured (left to right) SAGE Shopping Coordinator Kathy Silance, SAGE Director of Meals on Wheels and Volunteers Marianne Kranz, Lorrie Williamson, Jean Roberson, and Patty Campanelli. Williamson, Roberson, and Campanelli accepted SAGE Eldercare’s Community Partner Award on behalf of the ShopRite of Millburn on Thursday, October 27. This award honors local individuals or businesses that generously share their expertise in support of SAGE Eldercare and older adults in the community.  The staff of the ShopRite of Millburn helps SAGE with its grocery shopping program for homebound clients, and is always helpful, understanding, and easy to work with.  As noted by Kranz, “In a nutshell, we might be shopping for 10 people at once and each person has four ‘different details’ we have to follow. The staff at ShopRite of Millburn knows our staff, volunteers, and even our clients as well as we do. They get it. They understand our mission and are on board. They make it easy for us.”
  1. 4-good-neighbor-sage-award-to-jr-league-smallGood Neighbor Award: Angela Sullivan, Executive Director of SAGE Eldercare, pictured left, presented the Good Neighbor Award to the Junior League of Summit on Thursday, October 27. Junior League President Michelle DeMuth (pictured right) of Summit accepted the award on behalf of the organization. This award was initiated in 1996 to honor local organizations that generously share their resources in support of SAGE Eldercare and older adults in the community. As noted by Sullivan, “The Junior League has been a driving force behind community initiatives and organizations that make our community great. The Junior League’s support of SAGE goes back at least 50 years when the organization gave a startup donation of $10,000 to begin SAGE’s Meals on Wheels program. In 2015, they awarded SAGE a grant to help with the program’s mission to work towards eliminating hunger in the older adult community. We thank the Junior League for recognizing the need for this program and for partnering with us in this effort.”

  2. 5-home-health-aide-sage-award-to-angelita-smallHome Health Aide Award:  Pictured center is Angelita Garcia of Elizabeth, who received this year’s Home Health Aide of the Year Award from SAGE Eldercare on Thursday, October 27.  The award is given to the individual who is recognized for their continuous dedication and service to providing quality home care to SAGE Eldercare’s HomeCare clients. “Being a home health aide is not an easy task. I call them my champions, my heroes on the road. Angelita always has a smile,” stated Shirley Cabildo (pictured left), RN, SAGE Director of HomeCare. Nurse Supervisor Stephanie Hoffman, RN, pictured right, said, “Angelita is caring, loving, and trustworthy, and every time I see her, she is smiling and I know I will be walking into a home that is safe. When I think of Angelita, I think of the word ‘excellence.’”

  3. 6-outstanding-youth-sage-award-smallOutstanding Youth Award:  Peter Davey of Caldwell was named the Outstanding Youth Volunteer of the Year Award for SAGE Eldercare on Thursday, October 27.  His mother, Diane Davey (pictured left), of Maplewood, accepted the award on his behalf. She, along with Marianne Kranz (right), SAGE Director of Meals on Wheels and Volunteers, hold Peter’s photo. Kranz noted, “Not only did Peter come in every chance he could, he soon settled into being a very reliable, compassionate, Meals on Wheels volunteer. Peter wasn’t just delivering meals; he had become that critical part of what the program is – making sure everyone on his route was safe each day.”  This award was created in 2005 to acknowledge ongoing volunteer involvement by local youth who have committed their time and service to SAGE.

  4. Staff Service Awards:  At SAGE Eldercare’s “Celebrating 2015” 7-staff-service-sage-awards-smallmeeting on Thursday, October 27 in Summit, employees were honored for varying years of service.  Pictured left to right are Deanna Butters of New Brunswick (5 years), Zakiyyah Holt of Basking Ridge (5 years), Shareefah Holt of Newark (5 years), and Brian Aquart of East Orange (10 years). Unable to attend, but also honored were Clermitha Guillaume of Carteret (5 years) and Estella Lai of Livingston (15 years).


Since 1954, SAGE Eldercare has been helping make the communities it serves amazing places to age.  The organization provides a wide array of information, support, and services designed to help individuals lead the most independent and active lives possible.  From helping with errands, to exercise classes, community programs, care planning, and home health care, SAGE’s expertise helps older adults remain independent in their own homes.  SAGE is committed to being the leading provider of programs and services to meet the changing needs of older adults, their families, and caregivers throughout Union, Essex, Morris, and Somerset Counties.  For more information, please call 908.273.5550 or visit www.sageeldercare.org.


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