Bob Eodice 2016 SAGE award

SAGE Eldercare, a unique community resource that offers program and services for older adults and their caregivers, celebrated its 2016 partners, volunteers, and staff at a meeting on Tuesday.


“Our dedicated volunteers and community partners provide SAGE with the ability to reach those in need. We could not do it without you,” said Angela Sullivan, SAGE Executive Director.


Sullivan, along with 2016 Board President Kitty Hartman, highlighted the achievements of the organization in 2016, including the 50 year anniversary of Meals on Wheels and the start-up of a friendly visitor program. In addition, SAGE served older adults and caregivers in our community with Guidance, Planning, and Support, home care, information and referrals, educational and exercise programs, caregiver support groups, grocery shopping and errand services, Medicare counseling, and in the Spend-A-Day adult day health care program.


Volunteer Bob Eodice of Piscataway was given the Agnes N. Badgley Award, volunteer Laurie Monroe of Millington was given the Bob Abelson Carry the Torch Award, Short Hills-based Dun & Bradstreet was given the Community Partner Award, Summit-based Home Again Design was given the Good Neighbor Award, Djenny Damour of Irvington was named the Home Health Aide of the Year, and Tim Donohue of Berkeley Heights was named the Outstanding Youth Volunteer of the Year.


Staff recognition awards were given to: Adlyn Thomas of Irvington for 25 years of service, Helen Laryea of Hillside (20 years), Marie Francois and Angelita Garcia of Elizabeth and Maria Godek of Irvington (all three for 10 years of service), and Vida Ntumy of Elizabeth and Marilyn Campbell of Springfield (both for 5 years of service).



SAGE Eldercare Celebrates 2016 Partners, Volunteers, Staff – Photo Captions: 

Bob Eodice 2016 SAGE awardAgnes N. Badgley Award: On Tuesday, September 12, SAGE Eldercare presented Bob Eodice of Piscataway with the Agnes N. Badgle Award.  Marianne Kranz, SAGE Director of Meals on Wheels and Volunteers (pictured right), noted, “Bob suffered a life-threatening traumatic brain injury in 2002…and was introduced to us in 2009. His self-motivation and ability to make lemonade from lemons is inspirational.” He helps SAGE every Monday and Friday with clerical tasks. “His enthusiasm and ability to embrace his changes and new self are absolutely amazing and an inspiration to everyone who works with him. Bob’s interest in taking on new projects, his willingness to help others, and his wonderful sense of humor add to the fact that he is one of the most conscientious volunteers we’ve ever had,” Kranz said. The Agnes N. Badgley award was created in 1989 and is considered SAGE’s Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize the invaluable contributions of a SAGE volunteer.


Laurie Monroe 2016 SAGE award - CopyBob Abelson Carry the Torch Award: On Tuesday, September 12, SAGE Eldercare presented Laurie Monroe of Millington, pictured right, with the Bob Abelson Carry the Torch Award.  Marianne Kranz (pictured left), SAGE Director of Meals on Wheels and Volunteers, noted a long list of volunteer work that Laurie is involved in, including with the United Methodist Church of Summit, Summit Helping Its People (SHIP), Family Promise, and Loaves and Fishes, “And she still squeezes SAGE in, three to four days a week. She delivers Meals on Wheels once a week. She can be found grocery shopping once a week. She’s visiting her homebound friend in the Meals with Friends program. She’s helping in the Spend-A-Day kitchen once a week, and lately, she’s even being doing some office work. What we like about Laurie, besides her dedication and compassion, is her sense of humor. Her energy and wit are contagious, as is her compassion.” The award was created in 2014 to recognize an exceptional SAGE volunteer who continually demonstrates their commitment to the community-at-large.


2016 SAGE Community Partner Award Dun and BradstreetCommunity Partner Award: (Left to right) SAGE Executive Director Angela Sullivan presented Porsha Stepney and Patty Stelling, who represented Dun & Bradstreet, of Short Hills, in accepting SAGE Eldercare’s Community Partner Award, on Tuesday, September 12. This award honors local individuals or businesses that generously share their expertise in support of SAGE Eldercare and older adults in the community.  Sullivan noted, “Dun & Bradstreet is a company that is dedicated to making their communities better…and they have demonstrated that commitment at SAGE. For many years, Dun & Bradstreet employees have taken time out of their busy days and volunteered with SAGE’s Meals on Wheels and Spend-A-Day programs. When it is time to ask for financial support for our fundraising events, Dun & Bradstreet has not hesitated. Recently, they’ve been a significant sponsor of our 50th anniversary of Meals on Wheels celebration and our annual Casino Night. We are grateful for our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet.”


2016 SAGE Good Neighbor Award Home Again DesignGood Neighbor Award: Pictured (left to right) are Brooks Collier of Morristown, Kathy Collier of Morristown, SAGE Resale Shop Manager Rose Rittweger, and Kristine Nappa of Chatham. They represented Home Again Design, the Summit-based fine furniture consignment store, who received the Good Neighbor Award from SAGE Eldercare on Tuesday, September 12. This award was initiated in 1996 to honor local organizations that generously share their resources in support of SAGE Eldercare and older adults in the community. As noted by SAGE Executive Director Angela Sullivan, “Home Again Design has been donating high-end, designer-quality furniture and trendy merchandise to the SAGE Resale Shop for many years, which in turn becomes necessary funds for many of the services we offer here at SAGE.” Rittweger said, “Home Again Design has made such a positive impact on the Resale Shop and without them, I don’t know where we’d be. They donate wonderful merchandise, which Home Again Design owner Kathy gives out of the goodness of her heart.”


Djenny Damour 2016 SAGE aide award - CopyHome Health Aide of the Year Award: SAGE HomeCare Director Alice Sloop, RN, is pictured (left) with Djenny Damour, of Irvington, who received this year’s Home Health Aide of the Year Award from SAGE Eldercare on Tuesday, September 12.  The award is given to the individual who is recognized for their continuous dedication and service to providing quality home care to SAGE Eldercare’s HomeCare clients. “Djenny is a wonderful caregiver. She’s been a live-in aide for the same client for two and a half years and we’ve been told that the client would not be here if it weren’t for Djenny’s care, which is a wonderful honor for any caregiver to hear,” Sloop said.


Tim Donohue 2016 SAGE youth awardOutstanding Youth Award: Tim Donohue of Berkeley Heights was named the Outstanding Youth Volunteer of the Year Award for SAGE Eldercare on Tuesday, September 12. SAGE Executive Director Angela Sullivan noted that the current University of Miami freshman is, “a special young man who, through his volunteerism has been a great friend to SAGE and to those we serve. Tim came to know of SAGE when his grandmother attended our Spend-A-Day adult day service. He has been described by our staff as a very dedicated grandson and someone who takes on tasks with great enthusiasm.” He chose SAGE as the recipient of his Eagle Scout projects, including building two large wooden plant boxes used by Spend-A-Day participants, as well as producing videos to showcase SAGE’s services. This award was created in 2005 to acknowledge ongoing volunteer involvement by local youth who have committed their time and service to SAGE.


SAGE staff service awards 2016Staff Service Awards: At SAGE Eldercare’s “Celebrating 2016” meeting on Tuesday, September 12 in Summit, employees were honored for varying years of service.  Pictured left to right are Vida Ntumy of Elizabeth (5 years), Marie Francois of Elizabeth (10 years), Helen Laryea of Hillside (20 years), Angelita Garcia of Elizabeth (10 years), and Maria Godek of Irvington (10 years). Unable to attend, but also honored were Adlyn Thomas of Irvington (25 years) and Marilyn Campbell of Springfield (5 years).


About SAGE Eldercare

Since 1954, SAGE Eldercare has been helping make the communities it serves amazing places to age.  The non-profit organization provides a wide array of information, support, and services designed to help individuals lead the most independent and active lives possible.  From helping with errands and delivering Meals on Wheels, to exercise classes, community programs and support groups, Medicare counseling, care planning, an adult day health care center, and home health care, as well as the SAGE Resale Shop and Furniture Restoration Workshop, SAGE’s expertise helps older adults remain independent in their own homes.  SAGE is committed to being the leading provider of programs and services to meet the changing needs of older adults, their families, and caregivers in Union, Essex, Morris, and Somerset Counties.  For more information, please call 908.273.5550 or visit www.sageeldercare.org.


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