One of Jaylynn Morrison’s tips for a long life? “Being a good person,” he says.

Morrison – a former public school teacher in Newark – recently celebrated his 101st birthday surrounded by friends at Sage Eldercare in Summit. Born in 1922, the centenarian grew up listening to his parents’ wise words and following their advice. He spent his childhood listening to jazz music, watching monster movies and developing a fascination of the world around him.

According to Sage Eldercare, Morrison graduated from Morningside High School. He earned his bachelor of science degree from Johnson C. Smith University. During his time at JCSU he became a standout on the basketball and tennis teams, earning the nickname “Speedy” because of his calm and slow-moving demeanor.

After graduation, Morrison moved to Newark, and married the love of his life, Louise. Both soon found work as public school teachers in Newark.

According to Sage Eldercare:

“Jaylynn taught math and science and became a beloved teacher among his students. He made complex concepts easy to understand. And his willingness to go the extra mile to help his students succeed. After their careers as teachers, they retired and traveled the world, went on several cruises and enjoyed going to sporting events, playing tennis and gardening. They shared a life together for over 65 years.”

“Being a good person” and “taking care of oneself” are the keys to a long and happy life, the former educator believes.

Sports also offer a chance for some important life lessons, he believes. According to Sage Eldercare:

“A man of many passions, Jaylynn has a gift for sports and loved to coach basketball and teach tennis to children. He believes that sports can teach valuable life lessons, and he is always eager to pass on his knowledge to the next generation.”

Newark, the state’s most populated city, has more than its share of centenarians – each of whom credits their long lifespans to different sources. For one resident, joy, positivity and “faith in God” are essential to living past 100. And for another, “healthy eating and staying busy” are key to living a long time.

By Eric Kiefer, Patch Staff: https://patch.com/new-jersey/newarknj/retired-newark-teacher-turns-101-see-his-tips-longevity 

Jaylynn Morrison, a former public school teacher in Newark, recently celebrated his 101st birthday surrounded by friends at Sage Eldercare in Summit, NJ. (Sage Eldercare)