In the heart of Millburn, a remarkable couple, Al and Janet, have been among the shining stars of our Meals on Wheels program for the past two years. Their dedication to serving the community goes beyond delivering nourishing meals; it’s about creating connections and spreading joy. Al shared “I think it’s a great experience. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a volunteer situation. This is something that let’s you connect with people, doesn’t take up a lot of time during the day and you can do it as many or as few days as you want during the week.”

Al and Janet embody the true spirit of volunteerism, generously giving their time to ensure that those in need receive not only a warm meal but also a warm conversation. What makes their contribution extra special is that they undertake this meaningful endeavor together, as a couple, embracing the opportunity to give back side by side.

Most of their deliveries are to individuals who live alone, and for some, the visit from Al and Janet might be the only interaction they receive throughout the day. The couple takes pride in not only delivering sustenance but also offering companionship and a watchful eye on the well-being of the program’s participants.

Over the years, Al and Janet have forged meaningful relationships with many of the individuals they serve. However, with the joy of connection comes the inevitable tinge of sadness when participants move into assisted living or pass away. The couple has experienced the bittersweet reality of forming bonds with those they serve and cherishing the moments shared.

In recognition of their outstanding commitment, warmth, and compassion, we are delighted to announce Al and Janet as our 2024 Meals on Wheels Sweethearts. Their dedication to enhancing the lives of others through this program is a true testament to the power of love and community service.

As we celebrate the season of love, let’s extend our heartfelt appreciation to Al and Janet for being the driving force behind the success of our Meals on Wheels initiative. Their kindness and generosity inspire us all to make a difference, one meal and one connection at a time.