SAGE Eldercare was awarded more than $400,000 in grants during 2023, including $45,000 from the Summit Foundation restricted to our Spend-A-Day Adult Medical Day Program.

In addition to the Summit Foundation award, the nonprofit eldercare agency received grants from:

  • Arnold A. Schwartz Foundation
  • Becton Dickinson Foundation
  • Blanche M. & George L. Watts Mountainside Community Foundation
  • Bonaventura Devine Foundation, Inc.
  • Catholic Human Services Foundation
  • Cestone Family Foundation
  • J. Grassmann Trust
  • George Link, Jr. Foundation
  • Henry E. Niles Foundation
  • Jarvie Commonweal Service
  • John H. Van Winkle Foundation
  • Lillian P. Schenck Charitable Trust Fund
  • Nicholas J. and Anna K. Bouras Foundation
  • Overlook Foundation
  • Plainfield Foundation
  • PNC Foundation
  • Robert & Joan Dircks Foundation
  • Summit Foundation
  • Summit Luminary Fund
  • The C. Northop Pond and Alethea Marder Pond Foundation
  • The George W. Bauer Family Foundation
  • The Tyler Foundation
  • Troxel Family Foundation
  • Union County Office on Cultural and Heritage Affairs
  • Union Foundation

“The 2023 grants awarded to SAGE enable us to provide a diverse range of programs and services for seniors and caregivers, fostering independence and enhancing quality of life” said Galina Muller, Executive Director of SAGE Eldercare.